Thank you so much for your interest. If you would like to advertise your shop on my blog then please do contact me, along with a link to your shop or business.

Here's how advertising on my blog works:

Logo placement is in the right-hand column. This column is visible on every page, whether you're viewing one of these section tabs, an individual post or my whole blog. Clicking on your logo would take visitors directly to your shop.

Sponsorship becomes more economical the longer the time frame that you commit to advertising with me for because this means less administration and more sewing time, and happily, it also means that you can avoid any rate increases that may or may not happen during that time. So that I don't bombard my readers with advertising, I limit full sponsor introductions to those committing to advertising with me for longer periods of time. If you'd like to see examples of introductions I've written in the past you can find them here, here and here. Spaces are limited.

I'm really aware that a mention within a blog post is even more valuable to a sponsor than a static advert. For this reason, if I love a product and mention it, I'll always try to see if a sponsor happens to stock that item and link to them where possible (many of my lovely sponsors are fabric shops where there's some overlap in the ranges of fabric and patterns stocked - in those cases I try and rotate who I link to).

My attitude toward sponsorship is that my readers and the integrity of my blog remain my priority. For this reason, I take on sponsors who I think are fantastic: whose products I'm genuinely enthusiastic about; and who I feel are a good fit for my blog and the things I'm passionate about. This way, if you pay for advertising that includes a sponsor introduction it doesn't compromise me or my readers for me to tell them about how much I love the things that you've chosen to stock. In the long term, I think this approach works better for you too because hopefully my readers know that when I mention something it's because I really do love it and not because I've been paid to say so.

If you'd like to advertise, then please do contact me, letting me know a bit about your business and I'll get back to you with some rates.

Florence x
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